Under the Radar News, 10.2.09

Posted on Friday, October 2, 2009 by Kolby Hanson

A weekly compilation of underreported developments in Asia.

North Korea’s newly released constitution (from April) solidifies the place of Kim Jong-Il. BBC News

Cutler and Obama administration say there’s no timeline to ratify Free Trade Agreement with South Korea. Obama says he’s worried about the car industry, among others. JongAn Daily

Patriotism is alive and well in China. “The Founding of a Republic,” a film celebrating the PRC’s 60th anniversary is set to break the all time Chinese box office record this weekend. People Daily

Taiwan’s political media war over the PRC 60th anniversary parades. The DPP demands an inquiry into TV stations that showed the parades unedited, and “promoted unification”. Taipei Times

Thai-Cambodian border dispute heats up as Cambodian PM Sen orders army to shoot trespassers. Bangkok Post

China’s spreading cultural influence – Malaysia’s Ministry of Information, Communication, and Culture is collaborating with Chinese scholars to “enrich” the Malaysian language. Bernama News

IMF projects 8.5% growth in China for 2009. China Daily

The recent typhoons in SE Asia give nations an opportunity to call Western involvement. China Post

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