Under the Radar News, 10.9.09

Posted on Friday, October 9, 2009 by Kolby Hanson

A weekly compilation of underreported developments in Asia.

Latest on corruption trial of Chen Shui-bian (Taiwan's former President and former leader of the DPP):
- US Court rejects Chen’s outside plea for release. Reuters
- Taiwanese High Court rejects request for stay, continues with prosecution. China Post (Taiwan)

China National Petroleum signs deal to develop Iraq’s largest oil field in Rumaila, along with BP. People's Daily

US Supreme Court rejects a case that would grant Taiwanese citizens independent status or American passports. The Court argues that diplomatic status is the sole responsibility of the Executive. Boston Progressive Examiner

Al Qaeda calls on China’s Uighurs to revolt in "holy war". CNN

Fearing “red-shirt” anti-government protests at the ASEAN meetings in late October, the Thai government invokes the Internal Security Act. Bangkok Post

South Korea considers feasibility of an undersea tunnel to China. Chosun Ilbo

Representatives of 12 Asian Nations to meet in Kathmandu for climate change workshop. Xinhua

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