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The Project 2049 Institute conducts research and analysis in five areas critical to Asia’s future:

1. Democracy and governance. Research examines the role of civil society, elections and political processes, rule of law, and anti-corruption activities in young democracies or countries in transition, and assesses the impact of democratic consolidation on security.

2. Alliances, coalitions and partnerships. Studies forecast risks and opportunities arising from established and nascent regional alliances, and analyze how pooling of resources and political capital might shift the region’s balance of power.

3. Non-traditional security. Research examines regional impacts of terrorism/extremism, pandemic disease control, natural disasters, and environmental and energy security—issues that are of increasing concern to security experts but remain relatively new to the field.

4. China studies. Studies assess the impact of China’s rapid economic, social and military development on the Asia-Pacific security environment, and how neighboring countries and the United States are managing China’s rise.

5. Asia and the world. Projects will examine Asia's interactions with countries and organizations outside the region to better understand future global dynamics.

About the Project 2049 Institute

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The Asia-Pacific region has the potential to reach an unprecedented level of prosperity, freedom, and stability in the next half-century. In recent decades, the emergence of vibrant democracies in Taiwan and South Korea, China’s rapid economic rise, and Japan’s leadership on issues ranging from technology to international development have helped Asia reach new levels of global engagement and improve living standards for millions. But the region faces uncertainties as well. Fluctuating economies, a deepening divide between the urban wealthy and rural poor, worsening environmental threats, shifting military capacities, and the specter of terrorism are among the factors that could influence regional stability in the near future.

The Project 2049 Institute, established in January 2008, seeks to guide decision makers toward a more secure Asia by the century’s mid-point. The organization fills a gap in the public policy realm through forward-looking, region-specific research on alternative security and policy solutions. Its interdisciplinary approach draws on rigorous analysis of socioeconomic, governance, military, environmental, technological and political trends, and input from key players in the region, with an eye toward educating the public and informing policy debate.

The Project 2049 Institute also provides tailored studies for sponsors with an interest in long-range strategic forecasting. Institute staff are committed to carrying out research activities that meet both U.S. and Asian partner needs for policy change, and public and media engagement.

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