Under the Radar News 5.28.10

Posted on Friday, May 28, 2010 by Matthew Hallex

A weekly compilation of underreported developments in Asia

  • China and Taiwan will add an additional 120 direct flights by the end of the year. The increase reflects the growth in tourism and trade between the two countries since an easing of hostilities in 2008.

  • Singapore is set to build the world’s large biodiesel plant by the end of the year. EU requirements for the increased use of biofuels have been a major driver of the effort.

  • The Vice President of the European Commission has suggested that China’s system of internet censorship is a trade barrier that should be addressed in a case before the World Trade Organization. The US is also considering a WTO case against China due to the impact of Chinese censorship on Google.

  • A former Japanese Defense Minister has advocated the development of a Japanese Marine Corps. The force would be used to retake Japanese islands if they were captured and could replace US Marines currently stationed on Okinawa.

  • China has announced that it will hold its first flight using aviation biofuel later this year. By 2020 China plans to replace 15 percent of total diesel and gasoline consumption with biofuels.

  • Legislators in Taiwan have objected to Japan’s plan to extend its Air Defense Identification Zone into airspace controlled by Taiwan. Currently, Taiwan controls two thirds of the airspace over the small Japanese island of Yonaguni.
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