Under the Radar News 5.7.10

Posted on Thursday, May 6, 2010 by Matthew Hallex

A weekly compilation of underreported developments in Asia

  • The Taiwanese Air Force will launch an investigation into potential corruption surrounding the sale of Mirage jet fighters to Taiwan in 1993. Taiwan won a $830 million judgment this week against a French defense contractor who sold frigates to the Taiwanese Navy in 1991

  • China will be increasing its presence in the Arctic region and will send more scientific expeditions to the region. Expeditions will study the impact of climate change on the environment and the possibility of exploiting natural resources in the Arctic.

  • Myanmar has announced plans to enact a newanti-terrorism law following a series of bomb attacks by separatist groups. In recent months festivals, hydropower plants and military checkpoints have been attacked by ethnic separatist groups.

  • Malaysia has approved plans to open a nuclear power plant by 2021. Proponents of the plant argue that nuclear power would be more environmentally friendly than expanding the use of coal and oil power.

  • South Korea has stepped up quarantine efforts in order to stop the spread of an outbreak of disease in its livestock. Foot and mouth disease can spread easily among cattle, goat and sheep and devastate agricultural production.

  • Guangdong Province in China has announced plans to build an offshore wind farm. The development would be the largest in China and serve as a model for future alternative energy projects.

  • The government and the Philippines and Moro Islamic Liberation Front have reached agreements on land mine clearance and the treatment of refugees. These agreements may be a step forward in a peaceful resolution for the Mindanao conflict in the southern Philippines.
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