Under the Radar News 6.07.10

Posted on Monday, June 7, 2010 by Steve Gummo

A weekly compilation of underreported developments in Asia

  • The People’s Republic of China announced the establishment of the country’s first maritime NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) response team. The emergency rescue team is based in the Shandong province in northeastern China and will provide nautical rescue assistance during crises involving weapons of mass destruction.

  • Pending the completion of two plutonium based nuclear reactors in Khusab, Pakistan’s domestic production capacity for weapons-grade plutonium will increase by 700%.

  • France released a statement of intent to withdraw their military liaison unit from Taiwan after an international court ruled that France was in violation of a 1991 arms sales contract. The court ordered France to pay damages of approximately USD$830 million for the breach-of-contract.

  • According to a statement released by the Vietnam Securities Depository Agency, 20 new foreign investing licenses will be granted, permitting the trade of domestic stocks within the country.

  • Maoists in Nepal have called for the resignation of Nepali Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, citing his occupation of the office as the only factor preventing the formation of a government of national consensus.

  • According to the China National Petroleum Corporation, China’s largest oil and natural gas supplier, construction has begun on a transnational oil pipeline between China and Myanmar. The pipeline, once finished, will permit the international transport of over 22 million tons of oil annually.

  • The first long-term strategic dialogue between China and the Gulf Corporation Council took place in Beijing on Friday. The conference both reflected the growing partnership between the Gulf countries and China and resulted in a denunciation of Israel’s May 31st attack against an aid flotilla in Gaza.

  • China and Japan released a joint-memorandum concerning possible measures to increase food safety in East Asia. The memorandum is a response to incidents in 2007-2008 during which tainted gyoza polluted with pesticide sickened 10 people.

  • The Tibetan Military Command conducted a comprehensive war-game exercise in an attempt to increase general troop preparedness and improve fighting capability. As part of a total military refit, this exercise is one of many conducted by the Tibetans since the beginning of 2010.
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