Under the Radar News 7.2.10

Posted on Friday, July 2, 2010 by Tiffany Chen

A weekly compilation of underreported developments in Asia

  • Japan will release details of “failed” official development assistance programs to bring greater transparency to the nation’s foreign aid.

  • Taiwan and China signed an agreement to create a mechanism for resolving intellectual property rights disputes arising from increasing cross strait business exchanges.

  • China is implementing the country’s first tort law on liability for acts of infringement. This is likely to further safeguard individuals’ personal and property rights and better gauge social behavior.

  • China discovered Asia’s biggest iron ore deposit in its northeastern province of Liaoning. The discovery may reduce China’s dependence on foreign imports.

  • Sri Lanka will begin to exploit its sizable domestic oil and gas sources off the Mannar Basin next year.

  • Vietnam stepped up its campaign of internet censorship to block users from English news media.Some observers fear Vietnam’s action may threaten its economic progress.

  • Tokyo, Washington, and the local government in Okinawa are calling for the deployment of Self-Defense Forces (SDF) troops to western Japan along the boundary with Taiwan. While Tokyo and Washington want the SDF to be deployed to counter China’s military expansion, the Yonaguni Municipal Government wants troops as part of the revitalization of the local community.

  • Mexico and South Korea agreed to restart the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement in order to strengthen bilateral trade and ease investment.

  • Cheap labor may no longer be considered China’s sole competitive edge as at least 18 provinces in China increase minimum wages by an average of 20 percent, including big cities like Beijing and Shenzhen.

  • Singapore military personnel will provide artillery training for Afghan officers from September, and will extend the deployment of the Weapon Locating Radar until the end of this year.
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