AsiaEye in August

Posted on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 by Alexandra Matthews

A look back the Project 2049 Institute's August publications

  • 8/3 Second Artillery Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Brigade Facilities Under Construction in Guangdong? What are the implications of China's new Second Artillery missile brigade?

  • 8/13 ECFA and Beyond Is ECFA a sign of warming cross-Strait relations? How will Taiwan's economic relations with the region shape up?

  • 8/30 Zeroing in on China – Africa trade tariffs A zero-tariff scheme has boosted China's trade relationship with its African allies. Is it one-sided?

  • Don't forget about our weekly Under the Radar News items: Myanmar election corruption, Japanese investment in developing economies, anti-piracy efforts by the Thai navy, Uyghur's arrest in China, and ASEAN environment summit.

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