Under the Radar News 11.05.10

Posted on Friday, November 5, 2010 by Amy Chang

A weekly compilation of underreported events in Asia

  • Burma was hit by massive cyberattack ahead of the November 7 election, raising fears of a communications blackout. Experts hypothesize a range of motives, including government censorship, extortion, and political motivation.

  • Commerce Secretary Gary Locke confirms that the U.S. will lift high-tech nuclear sanctions against India, allowing the resumption of sales of sensitive equipment to India.

  • Taiwan arrests two Taiwanese men allegedly working for China, adding to the list of growing espionage cases in Taiwan and suggesting that China has infiltrated Taiwan’s Military Intelligence Bureau (MIB).

  • Taiwan has so far spent $97 million developing the “Wan Chien” or “Ten Thousand Sword” missile system that targets Chinese airfields, harbors, and missile and radar bases across the Strait.

  • Japan’s Defense Ministry plans on relaxing its self-imposed arms exports ban in an effort to reduce the cost of procuring state-of-the-art defense equipment and enhance Japan's contribution to international peace and humanitarian activities.

  • China and Vietnam officially launched the Dongxing Trade Zone on November 1, their largest trade zone yet. It is expected to generate over $2 billion RMB in investments.

  • Korea plans to build offshore wind farms capable of producing the same amount of electricity as two nuclear plants by 2019.

  • The joint Japan-U.S. Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) intercept flight test on October 29 was completed successfully.

  • Chinese engineers have designed a cross-straits bridge to Taiwan, and are waiting for official approval to start construction.

  • A U.S.-backed Pacific Free Trade Agreement at APEC summit in Japan on November 13 and 14 is considered a pathway to regional free-trade.

  • China seeks foreign input on key issues for next Five-Year Plan, including thoughts on encouraging domestic consumption and increasing the pace of urbanization.

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