Under the Radar News 12.10.10

Posted on Friday, December 10, 2010 by Amy Chang

A weekly compilation of underreported events in Asia

  • After decades of importing and reverse-engineering Russian arms, China can now produce many of its own advanced weapons—including high-tech fighter jets like the Su-27 (model for the Chinese J-11 fighter)—and is on the verge of building an aircraft carrier.

  • The Philippines is due to ink a significant military hardware deal with China.

  • Upon constructing a lighthouse in a disputed area of the South China Sea, China maintains that it has indisputable sovereignty over the Spratly Islands.

  • Chinese steel giant Sinosteel Corporation and Australia's Rio Tinto signed an agreement to extend cooperation at the Australian Channar iron ore mine.

  • Taiwan is preparing for the mass production of the Hsiung Feng 2E (HF-2E) land attack cruise missile (LACM) and the Hsiung Feng 3 (HF-3) anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM).

  • Laos, one of Asia's poorest countries, inaugurated a $1.3 billion hydroelectric dam. The dam is expected to bring in $2 billion over the next 25 years and significantly helps its economic growth. However, social and environmental problems remain outstanding.

  • Southeast Asian central banks consider an eventual currency convergence to strengthen economic cooperation between the neighboring nations.

  • In an effort to maintain strong bilateral naval exchanges, the Chinese guided-missile frigate Xiangfan made a port call to Vietnam after 10th Sino-Vietnamese joint patrol in the Beibu Gulf.

  • Iranian defector claims ongoing nuclear cooperation between North Korea and Iran, including North Korea technicians travelling to Iran.

  • After the implementation of a 70,000 yuan government subsidy, sales of Chinese electric vehicles have increased in select cities (Hefei, Shanghai, Changchun, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou).

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