Under the Radar News 12.09.11

Posted on Friday, December 9, 2011 by Isabella Mroczkowski

A weekly compilation of underreported events in Asia.

  • Newly surfaced internal military documents in North Korea suggest that the military’s discipline and loyalty to Kim Jong-Il is in decline.

  • Kureha Corporation in Japan illegally exported carbon fibers to a Chinese defense company through Taiwan and Hong Kong. The fibers may have been used to manufacture radar and arms for the People’s Liberation Army.

  • South Korea sells Jakarta three submarines worth $1.2 billion. The sale posits South Korea alongside China as the top arms exporter in Asia.

  • Brunei will increase its exports of crude oil to China from thirteen to sixteen thousand barrels per day in an effort to strengthen bilateral energy cooperation and investment.

  • Australia unconditionally grants three patrol boats to Indonesia. The boats will assist Indonesian police with intercepting human trafficking, smuggling activities, and terrorism.

  • In a speech to the China’s Central Military Commission in Beijing, Hu Jintao urged the Navy to prepare for military combat and advance naval modernization to safeguard national security and world peace.

  • Malaysia and Qatar set up a joint $2 billion investment fund to increase the volume of bilateral trade and cooperation. The money will go towards investment opportunities in Malaysia, Qatar, and the region.
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